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About Us

                              FD Backgrounds is owned and operated by ProFirst Training and Consulting, LLC, a limited liability                                company registered in Nashville, TN and operating throughout the United States. We specialize in                                  police and fire department pre-employment background investigations, as well as public safety                                      training and government consulting in the area of pre-employment background investigations.          ProFirst Training and Consulting, LLC was founded, and is currently operated, by John Pallas.  John is a subject matter expert in the area of public safety background investigations with over three decades of experience working for

local, state and federal government agencies.

John Pallas is a 29-year law enforcement veteran who served as Deputy Chief

of Police for the law enforcement division of the State of Tennessee Alcoholic

Beverage Commission. In that role, John supervised command staff, oversaw

the professional standards unit and served as the public information officer and

director of training. He also has more than two decades of service in California in

various capacities, including Vice Detective, Narcotics Task Force Investigator

and F.T.O. and Reserve Program Coordinator.


John managed a high-profile task force team of investigators comprised of FBI,

DEA, IRS agents, as well as state and city law enforcement officers and managed a wire and email intercept room.  The task force, which focused on international narcotics trafficking, seized over 6 tons of narcotics and $2 million in cash during his tenure. John has over 6,000 hours of training experience and is a certified training instructor through POST in California and the Los Angeles County Office of Education.

John Pallas will exclusively manage all fire department background investigations with the assistance of office support staff and the dedicated investigators that work at ProFirst Training and Consulting, LLC. John is a recognized
expert in background investigations and instructs on the topic of public safety pre-employment background investigations throughout the U.S. to both police and fire departments. With over 20 years of
experience conducting pre-employment backgrounds, John has a thorough understanding of ADA, FCRA and Title VII laws. He is also an expert in interview and interrogation and has testified as an expert in both state and federal court. John has conducted over 1000 background investigations and has trained over 500 background
investigators nationwide.

We also provide public safety background investigations training to police departments and fire departments throughout the United States. Our clients include police and sheriff’s departments, fire departments, university police, and state and federal law enforcement agencies. We currently provide police pre-employment background investigations for police officer applicants and public safety personnel for the Colorado Board of Governors (CSU PD) and the Colorado Board of Regents (CU PD), and several other departments throughout the country.

ProFirst Training and Consulting prides itself on not only our quality of service and reputation but our commitment to sustainability while prioritizing green business practices to reduce operational costs, elevate our company and operate with the interests of not only our clients but the environment as well. We are a proud platinum member of the Green Business Bureau and we are committed to our sustainability practices to protect our planet.

John Pallas Dep. Chief State of TN
ProFirst Training
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