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Background Investigations

If your fire department is hiring a new firefighter, paramedic, command staff member, or other fire department employee, consider partnering with FD Backgrounds to conduct the pre-employment background investigation. 

Our experienced staff of public safety background investigators conduct meticulous pre-employment investigations into each dimension of an applicant's life.

Because we have dedicated investigators who are assigned to your applicant, most backgrounds are completed within three weeks, and at a cost savings to the department.  Contracting your background investigations also affords your department the benefit to allocate your staff to other important assignments while also reducing potential liability associated with ADA, FCRA, and Title VII claims.

FD Backgrounds will provide your department with all the necessary paperwork, forms, and resources to integrate our background investigation services into your hiring procedure. We will also provide a secure applicant portal so that you can direct those applicants identified as background candidates to obtain waivers, personal history statements and to make an appointment with their background investigator. Fire Personnel Photo
Handle Stress
Final Report
Moral Character

We examine the applicant's past personal conduct and look at their honesty, impartiality, trustworthiness and if they abide by laws, regulations and procedures. 


Moral Character
Work Habits
Work Habits

Investigations look into the applicant's past work performance and examine conscientiousness, work patterns, attendance, adherence to policy and the ability to work in a team environment

Interactions With Others

We examine how the applicant interacts with others in both their personal and professional life, including if they are tactful, respectful and show sensitivity and tolerance


Interactions With Others
Intellectually Based Abilities
Intellectually Based Abilities

We examine the applicant's decision making and judgment characteristics, as well as their ability to adhere to policies and procedures. We also reflect on their communication skills, both oral and written, and reflect on their learning ability.


Handling Stress And Adversity

Our background investigations reflect on how well the candidate can handle stress, accept responsibility for mistakes, confront and overcome problems and as well as maintain a positive attitude and even temper.


          Final Report

We will provide the hiring authority a detailed background investigation which will reflect all of these dimensions, so that a well informed hiring decision can be made that will ultimately reduce liability, attrition and strengthen public trust


Fire Department Background Investigations

Applicant interview and review of PHS (Approx 1.5 hours)

Employment Investigation- 10 years or more if necessary

Interviews with previous employers / Co-workers

Lateral Applicants - Interview with HR and Professional Standards Unit

Military verification

Criminal History – NCIC / FBI/ DMV / Nationwide courts

Family members and associates investigation

Civil Courts -    Nationwide search

Certification verification

Child Protective Services check

Public Records – Nationwide search

                                    Property records

                                    Marriage / Divorce

                                    Licenses / Business / Liens /

                                    Foreclosures / Evictions

Insurance Claims – risk assessment databases

Credit and Financial Investigations

Social Media Investigations

Education- Review and verification of all education

Residence- Review and verification of all residences

  a.       Neighbor interviews

  b.       Utilities verification

  c.       Local police / sheriff records requests


  d.       Utilities search

  e.       House check and neighbor interviews

  f.        Spouse interview

  g.       Interviews with roommates, others in home

Dark web and open-source investigation



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